Old Municipal Maternity

The modest, discreet and calm neoclassical building located in Kourabies, next to Xenia, is the work of Sigismondou Mineiko.

When in 1885 Chivzi Pasha of Yianniotis descent was placed vali of sancak of Epirus and Albania and he was renowened for the impartial character and charitable feelings, he found out a serious lack of medical care in the region.

He called the Polish architect and mechanic of Vilayet, and commissioned to draft the hospital complex plans that would include the following parts: a pathological, surgical, gynecological, sexually transmitted diseases, infirmary and other facilities. All buildings were finished within two years, in 1894, and had full equipment. The High Porte for this achievement awarded a special badge to Mineiko. Today, the Philharmonic and the Department of Traditional Dances of Municipality of Ioannina are housed there.