The Old Zosimaia School (1, Zosimadon street)

It was built between the years 1901 and 1905, to the designs of the architect Periklis Melirrytos.

It was severely damaged by the 1940 bombardments and rebuilt in 1956. It was a school in the city and to this day continues to have an educational character housing one of the Secondary Schools of the city.

Zosimaia's architectural plan was based on the plan of the University of Athens. It is a clean, strict, neoclassical and grand two-storey building with a symmetrical structure, accentuated facade and protruding side edges.

The entrance is imposing with Ionic columns bearing an archaic entablature, similar to that of the Temple of Athena Nike, or Apteros Nike on the Acropolis, and a gable.