Ioannina City Hall


The Ioannina City Hall was built in 1928 by the National Bank, according to the designs selected by the architect Zoumboulidis in a "post-Byzantine" style, on the prior existent foundations of the Ottoman Command building, which was destroyed, probably due to an arson, in 1926.

From 1930 to 1950, it was used as a branch of the National Bank, while in 1960 it was granted to house the Zosimaia Library on the ground floor and to host the kings on the first floor, when they used to visit Ioannina. Later on, the first floor was given to the Municipality of Ioannina and after the relocation of the Zosimaia Library, the ground floor is used as a Hall of the Municipal Council.

The building (5, Andrea Papandreou Square), is interesting in terms of structure in floor plan and exterior but also in terms of meticulous details and luxurious construction materials.

It is three-storey with a prominent, accentuated entrance with Byzantine columns. In addition, on the ground floor a visitor can observe the grates, following the local style of Ioannina, made of solid wrought iron. One of the special features of this building is the ornate and sophisticated metope, which is decorated with glazed porcelain tiles that depict plant motifs and vivid colours, archways made by ceramic bricks and marble Byzantine columns.