The "Cooking Place" of Its Kale

In short distance north of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Ioannina lies the building complex of the Turkish Cookeries, built in the late 18th century or early 19th by Ali Pasha and his son Veli, to serve the needs of staff of the seraglios of Veli Pasha, which was built at the lower levels of the hill Litharitsia.

It is a rectangular, large building. Many interventions were made during the use by the military. After extensive mounting works, made between 1995 - 1997 by the Municipality of Ioannina, it now houses the departments of the Cultural Center.

The building was probably erected by Ali Pasha in the years 1815-1820. It is one of the most important surviving buildings in the area of southeastern citadel (Kale) of the Castle and it was one of the basis of the Ottoman fortification complex. The building is of ground floor, stony, rectangular and covered by vaulted roof with the characteristic chimneys of a Home. The interior space is divided by massive pillars and arches in two elongated spaces. In the thickness of the northern wall a small tank system is located, which was part of a larger, extended on the same side. The pool and fountains, which were inside the "cookery" served the needs of the production of food. For room lighting there were elongated windows.

The "cookery" had received many minor interventions by the Turkish and the Greek army without altering its original form. The building has been intensified and restoration work has been done. Today it houses the cafeteria of the site of the internal citadel.