Fethiye Mosque

In the easternmost and highest point of the citadel Kale, dominates the Fethiye Mosque. According to tradition, the mosque is built on the site of the earlier Byzantine church of the Archangels. Unique relics of pre-existing Byzantine church are the two small pillars of marble iconostasis of the 13th century, which is built-in niche (mihrab). According to sources, in the 15th century, after the subjugation of the inhabitants of the city of Ioannina (1431) to the Ottomans, the first Muslim "metzit" (religious institution), named "Fethiye" was built on the spot.

This is the Turkish version of the word "conquest." In the 17th century, Jalal Pasha assumed the cost of the construction of the mosque. According to historical sources, it was a magnificent mosque that impressed visitors. According to written sources and scanty archaeological evidence, reconstruction of the church took place in 1770. At the end of the century, it was the core of religious life in the Citadel Kale and around 1795, it was restored by Ali Pasha to operate as a temple of seraglios.

In recent years the 8th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, conducted a series of restoration and mounting work on the building.