Veli Pasha's building complex

On the southeast slopes of the hill of Litharitsia (55, Ag. Marinas street), this building complex consists of a mosque, the madrasa and auxiliary buildings, which belonged to the palace (saray) built by Ali Pasha for his son Veli.

A. The mosque (Chiekur Mosque). It was built on the older Baliye Mosque (16th-17th century), which is believed to be the site of the Byzantine church of Saint Stefanos. It consists of a square- domed hall and an enclosed porch, covered by three small domes. The only part of the minaret -that is preserved- is its base in the south-western corner.

B. The madrassa (seminary). It is a ground floor, rectangular building that is internally divided into five rooms and on the facade there is an open pillared gallery.

C. Mageiria (hearth and home). It is a large rectangular building with a complex internal structure that served the needs of the staff of Veli Pasha's saray. Six polygonal chimneys rise in the east part of the roof. Today it houses the dance school of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Ioannina.