Mosque and Madrassa of Veli Pasha

The mosque of Veli Pasha or Tsiekour-mosque is located on the south side of the hill of Litharitsia, in the middle of a large uncovered area formed by the southeastern outskirts of the hill and from the eastern slopes of the central plateau of the "upper city". South and east of the area the Tsiekour districts and Plithokopio grew. Together with Mendrese (seminary) that is built to the north of it, they were inseparable foundations of seraglios, which were built alongside by Ali Pasha for his son Veli. The mosque consists of a large, square, domed hall, to the west of which develops an enclosed porch which seems eas closed in retrospect, and while there is evidence that it was originally open. After the release, it has been a building of cantonment, it was granted to the Ministry of Culture, and then the Mosque along with the accompanying buildings (Mendreses and Galleys) were granted by decision of the Ministry, to the Municipality of Ioannina. The Mendreses (seminary) is located in a short distance from the mosque of Veli Pasha. In Mendrese, which Ali Pasha built (late 18th c.) in his quest to complete a religious center near the adjacent serai of his son Veli, students who were taught theology and philosophy resided. It was the upper school unlike Mehtepi, ie lower ranked schools. The Museum of the National Resistance is housed today in the Mendrese of Veli Pasha.