Panteleimon Monastery & Museum of Pre-Revolutionary period

The Monastery is located on the east coast of the island, in close distance from the Baptist monastery. As delivered from the autobiography of Apsarades, the same position was a hermitage dedicated to Saint Panteleimon from the early 16th century when the monastery Prodromou was founded.

The complex of the monastery suffered several disasters over the centuries. There are two reports of destruction of the temple in the early 19th century by precipitation of rocks that rise steep in the west. Indeed, according to the English traveler W. Leake, the church was repaired with surgery of Ali Pasha, who forced an affluent Giannioti to afford the costs. The whole place is directly linked to Ali, who fled to the monastery in the last period of the siege of the troops of the sultan and eventually murdered in the cells of the monastery in January 1822. As with the Prodromou monastery in the early 20th century, the monastery was connected with the guild of shoemakers – tsarouchia - of Ioannina.

The current form of the church should be dated to the 19th century, probably after the events of 1822 and the turmoil caused by the events of the murder of Ali Pasha. Besides the church, within the precincts of the monastery two buildings of cells are retained, newly restored. The northern cell that functioned as an abbey, houses the collection of incunabula and manuscripts of the monasteries of the island. The southern cell, the passageway that connects the monastery to the neighboring monastery of Prodromos, is the place where Ali Pasha was assassinated and now houses a museum of the revolutionary period.


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