Jewish Synagogue

The "Ancient Sacred Synagogue of Ioannina" is one of the largest and oldest buildings, preserved in Greece (Corfu, Halkida, Rhodes). The monument consists of a rectangular vaulted pillared hall with many windows.

Beyond the built inscriptions on renovations of the building, the reconstruction time of the synagogue is unknown. It was probably built over an older one. A second synagogue in the city of Ioannina was outside the castle (Arsaki Street and Joseph Elijah). The Jewish community of Ioannina is mentioned since the Byzantine period. In the decree of the Emperor Andronicus II in the year 1319 «freedom and peace" was given to the city's Jews. After the persecution of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain in 1492 many Spanish Jews fled to Giannina.

Until the Nazi persecution the Jewish community was an important factor in the local economy and history. Until the 60s a Jewish school functioned while the town cemetery is preserved today, buildings from the Jewish neighbourhood and the Synagogue in the Castle.


Address: 16 Castle Justinian

To visit the Synagogue contact the Offices of the Jewish Community of Ioannina: 26510 25195