Church of St. Nicholas Kopanon

The church of St. Nicholas Kopanon, is located north of the city of Ioannina, near Limnopoula in the north exit of the town, on the way to Perama. In this area women used to wash clothes and beat the rugs in the water. This is why the church got the name of Kopanon (beaten).

According to tradition, the church existed before the movement of Dionysios the Philosopher, it was burnt down in 1820 during operations of Hoursit against Ali Pasha and remained in ruins until the reconstruction of 1843. As evidenced by inscription plate fitted on the left of the southern entrance door, founder of the church was the Nousias Chrisos, master builder of the Guild of takiantzidon, the craftsmen who made fezzes and generally external accessories of costumes. The church is connected with both legends and with dramatic historical events of the city. According to tradition, here the dame Frosini was imprisoned with seventeen noblewomen of Ioannina, before they were drown in the lake.

The precinct of the church was the site of Souli camping under Notis Botsaris, during the period they fought together with the forces of the Sultan against Ali Pasha, in 1820. Shortly before the liberation of the city in 1912 at the church of St. Nicholas armature was gathered through the Lake. It is said that the weapons were transported by leather merchants, who wrapped them in animal skins. The loft of the church, under the guise of repair of the roof, was changed in real armoury, lined with wood. Remarkable is the carved iconostasis, bearing contemporary icons to the painting of the interior. The archbishopic icon of the Three Hierarchs is the work of the Giannioti painter, Theodosius. From the relics of the church, it deserves a special mention, one silver reliquary which was built in 1784 by the silversmith Nicolas Kalarrytino Pontikis. Today, it serves as a parish and cemetery church of the city of Ioannina.


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