Municipal Gallery-House Vasilieiou Pyrsinella

The building of the Gallery (1, Korai street) was built by the civil engineer Vergiotis for his son-in-law Vasileios Pyrsinellas in 1890. In 1924 Vasileios Pyrsinellas was elected mayor of the city of Ioannina and his term of office was characterized as a period of building reconstruction and various projects. Being a book and arts lover, he owned a large collection of books and works of art. Later, Mr. Pyrsinellas turned his mansion into an intellectual lounge and when he died in 1958 he donated his property to the Municipality of Ioannina. For many years the "Apostolos Pavlos" association was housed in the Pyrsinella mansion. Today it has been renovated and operates as a gallery with excellent collections of paintings, sculptures, and engravings by great Greek artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a remarkable eclectic two-storey building with a basement, with neoclassical and neo-renaissance elements. It has a symmetrical structure on each side and individual morphological elements, such as the cornices of the openings, the grate and the corbels of the balcony. The most significant feature of the building is the main entrance with arched lintel and ironwork.


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