Byzantine museum of Ioannina

The Byzantine museum is located inside the Castle of Ioannina, in the southeast acropolis, known as Citadel Kale. Inaugurated in 1995 on the ground floor of the former "Royal Pavilion". In the same place the Military Hospital was built, while there the ruins of the central seraglios of Ali Pasha existed.

In the seven halls of the Byzantine Museum, are exposed important finds of excavations, dated from Early Christian to the post-Byzantine period. There are coins, pictures and

ceramics from the region of Epirus. Prominent place in the collection of the Museum occupy the Byzantine sculptures from the temples of Thesprotia and marble columns and Corinthian capitals of the early Christian period, from the same area. Also, manuscripts with gospels and a printed book of 1499 are exhibited, issued in Venice, from the Printing of Nikolaos Vlastos. These exhibits provide visitors the opportunity to experience the history and development of the city of Ioannina, over the centuries. In the building's floor now offices of 8 Inspectorate of Byzantine Antiquities are housed. In the surroundings there are the "Treasury", the "Fethiye" mosque, the tomb of Ali Pasha, the "galley" of Kale etc.


Address: Castle of Ioannina

Phone: 26510 25989