The former Commercial School

Τhis elegant mansion at Ioannina is known as the '' old Commercial School ''. It is a prestigious and very interesting building with strong neoclassical traits but, clearly the French influence.

Built in the 1870s as the residence of vali vilayet of Ioannina. This is a beautiful building with impressive pediment, large balcony on the back side, framed windows and compact ornate railings.

This building, which was surrounded by a rich and extensive garden, was known for many years as the 'house of Pasha'. In this house, after liberation the heir and future king of Greece George II was hosted. Also, in 1918-1923 the palace housed the English Consulate

General, which operated with consul and vice consul the philhellenes Chooul and Kriivs. They, along with Constantine Melas (1874-1953), who was an officer of the Russian army (in 1897 captured Mytilene) and Professor Athanasios Lefkaditis were the founders of Scouting in Ioannina.

Today houses the Classical Lyceum.