The Clock Tower (Dimokratias square)

The monumental Clock Tower of the city was built in 1905 on the initiative of Osman Pasha the Kurd, who was the Wali and general commander of Epirus and Southern Albania.

Its elegant architecture combines elements of neoclassical architecture with features of the oriental features. The design and supervision of the construction work of the clock tower was done by the architect Periklis Melirrytos, from Ioannina.

Its original position was in the centre of the square of the lower part of the city, but in the summer of 1918 during a parade, a heavy cannon dragged by six horses deviated from its course and caused damage to the Clock Tower. The general commander of Epirus and later High Commissioner of Smyrna Aristidis Stergiadis ordered so as to move the clock to its present location. Periklis  Melirrytos supervised the restoration of the monument exactly in the form it had in its original position (1925).

The bell that was placed on the top of the construction, was originally located in the Clock Tower, above the castle's main gate.