Villages behind the mountains

The vast mountains surrounding Ioannina are filled with surprises. One of the most beautiful is "the villages behind the mountains”. There you can find 46 villages of incomparable beauty, drowned in vegetation. Stone is everywhere too, either as a part of the scenery or by human creation. You can barely tell one from the other!

Enjoy this truly amazing scenery, forever changing from East to West, alternating from low hills and plush green forests to bare mountains tops, fierce blue rivers and alpine lakes. A place like no other, where stone meets light, primitive meets beauty and ephemeral meets eternity. Man and Nature become One.

While you are wondering and thinking that no man has come here for ages, here comes a granny that treats you two nuts while you are asking for directions or for a place to eat!

The place you’ll come back again and again.

Nature lovers from all over Europe come to Zagori. Most of them return again and again, while some of them buy an old stone house so as to restore it and stay permanently in a natural paradise. In older times they would construct stone streets or build stone houses, stairs and bridges. Nowadays this is not necessary.  The network connecting the villages is large and time-tested. There are noumerous stone bridges, more that everywhere else in Greece. Today they are more than 60, three times less than the time of their prosperity, in the 18th century.