Old Zosimaia School

On February 17, 1902 the foundation was laid on which the inscription was engraved : <<Evandrou Ipirou Paides Evergetais Zosimades AIEN Evgnomones Ton the Themelion Lithon ZOSIMAIAS SCHOOL Katethrndo Etei Sotiriou 1902 FEBRUARY 17 ARCHITECT P.MELIRRYTOS >>.

After many adventures and unfortunately partisan disputes, the construction work was finished and on February 14, 1905 the new Zosimaia School was a fact brilliant architect Periklis mellifluous consciously copied the facade that the Christian Hansen had already planned for the University of Athens since 1941. This is to demonstrate that the historical Zosimaia School of Ioannina was university-level institution.

The new school building included eight classrooms, a hall, two offices, a library, chemistry and physics auditorium, three workshops and museum. But as pointed out later by the illustrious headmaster Christos Soulis, it lacked in sanitary facilities, in orientation and number of rooms that were inadequate to house the over 700 students. However, the archaic, prominent and imposing building is the most beautiful classical monuments of Ioannina and its architectural elements are extremely interesting. The bombardment of 1940 caused considerable damage and rendered inappropriate for usage. The restoration finished in 1956, but as early as 1940, the Zosimaia began rummaging by way of a refugee, in other buildings (Liampei house and Romanian School). Just in 1957 it was under a new roof, the fourth school building in Valaoritou Street. The historic building still houses the schools of Secondary Education.