The Clock Tower (Dimokratias square)

The monumental Clock Tower of the city was built in 1905 on the initiative of Osman Pasha the Kurd, who was the Wali and general commander of Epirus and Southern Albania.

Its elegant architecture combines elements of neoclassical architecture with features of the oriental features. The design and supervision of the construction work of the clock tower was done by the architect Periklis Melirrytos, from Ioannina.

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The galleries of Anexartisias street

The galleries were business premises and were built after a fire that was set under the orders of Rasim Pasha in 1869. The galleries, precursors of modern times shops, were characterized by narrow streets, which were usually covered with arbours and wooden canopies. It housed mainly companies of similar professions.

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The Inn of Vrosgos (Anexartisias & Karaiskaki str)

The inn of Vrosgos is one of the seven inns that once existed in the district "Gyali Kafene". In its courtyard there was the kitchen, the old coffee house, the horse farriery, the smithery, the cribs, and the saddlery. The inn consists of a ground floor and a first floor, has a Π-shaped floor plan and an inner courtyard. 

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