Local wines

Ioannina produces a small but significant amount of Greece’s total wine production. Zitsa and Metsovo have put Ioannina on the winemaking map. Wine cultivation in Ioannina dates back to the 16th century. Did you know that Lord Byron, the famous poet, was one of the many enthusiasts of Zitsa's signature wine? You must try this semi - sweet rose wine, known for its subtly spicy flavour. Zitsa, thanks to the tradition and reputation it had in wine making from old times, has been characterized as an area with "Appellation d' Origine de Qualite Superieure" wines.

Local wines
Local wines

Wine of Zitsa

The composition and relief of the terrain, the elevation between 600 and 700 meters, the weather conditions and the uniqueness of the white variety of Debina grapes give to the renowed wine of the region a rich and fine aroma, a smooth and pleasant taste. In addition to the local Debina variety, two other red varieties-the "Vlachico" and the "Bekari" are also cultivated. The red to white grape ratio is approximately 9 to 1. Ioannina is a must-visit place for all wine lovers!

The viticultural zone of Zitsa extends over 1,400 acres, about 25 kilometers outside of Ioannina. It includes the areas of Zitsa (Zitsa, Karitsa, Protopappas), Ekali (Gavrisioi, Ligopsa) and Evrymenon (Klimatia Or Velchista). The Zitsa plateau has the highest annual rainfall of all the PDO wine zones in Greece. The variety is 100% Debina, cultivated in Zitsa since 600 AD. The variety has been tried elsewhere, but only in Zitsa has it had such good results.

Zitsa has been known for its wines since the 17th century. Even Lord Byron wrote a poem about this place.

In Zitsa, three wine producers produce 15 PDO wines, of which 7 are sparkling.

Wine of Metsovo

It all started in 1964, when Averof family started producing dry red wine in Metsovo, replacing the local variety of "Vlachiko". Today, "Katogi Averof" is a modern winery with 1,200 oak barrels in its cellars and rare wines from 1974 onwards in its cellar.

The winery, a multi-dimensional wine theme park for visitors, is suitable for an original guided tour, full of sound, aromas and colors, as befits the Dionysian drink.

Local wines
Local wines

Wine of Zambela Tzoumerkon

Zambela is the main grape variety of Tzoumerka, it belongs to the American species and is found in only a few parts of the country (Pelion and Mount Athos). It produces by far the best quality tsipouro than any other variety, with a characteristic aroma and taste. It is produced in large quantities in all the villages of Tzoumerka, but, until today, it has not been standardized.

Wine walks #1: Zoinos winery

Primary objective of the Company was the rescue of the rare wine region of Zitsa, preserving the cooperation amongst wine-growers in the region and creating high quality wines from indigenous varieties of Debina, Vlachiko and Bekari. Over the years, this original goal was reached, setting the stage for a further development of ZOINOS S.A.

Today, Company is collaborating with a large number of producers, applying the most modern cultivation and vinification methods for both indigenous and international varieties like Chardonnay, Traminer, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and is continually investing in upgrading the quality of the products, managing simultaneously the best possible value for money.

Equipped with tradition, passion, technology, knowledge, respect towards the consumer and a long experience, ZOINOS S.A. aspires to offer in the years quality wines and distillates, with particular aromas and features that will make every palate...travelling!

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Wine walks #2: Glinavos Winery

We believe that each wine should tell a story. The story of its variety, its production, its maturation and the story of the rains, the burning sun and the land it grows on. The blessed and famous land of Zitsa in Ioannina gives us some of the best Greek wines. For this reason, we chose to walk the less frequented path, the one of keeping the tradition and of harmonic collaboration with modern technology. From collecting grapes by hand until the discreet but essential use of modern technology, we combine the best elements of both worlds.

We made a choice to cultivate rare varieties forgotten long ago, to experiment and continuously test new techniques for the production of wine solely from these varieties but also combining them with established Greek and non-Greek varieties, aiming to create recognizable high quality wines.

Our inspiration and our primary objective were and still remain the creation of individual and identifiable high quality wines. Following the same philosophy in our own internationally award-winning winery, we create our most beloved spirit of Epirus. The tsipouro - Greek distilled spirit produced both in its classic type and oak- aged type made by the famous local white grape variety Debina.

Today, the welcoming acceptance of our wines and spirits in Greece and abroad as well as the ongoing trust from our customers allow us to continue our wine journey in this most challenging and exciting path. A path which is laid with passion and love for mother earth.


Website: glinavos.gr

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