Archaeological Sites

Dodoni - Ioannina - Banner - Dodoni

The theater by the oracle

Imagine a sold-out drama (-tic) performance 2300 years ago in a theatre seating 18.000 spectators! 

What kind of cultural life do you think they had back then? What kind of economy could afford the biggest theatre of its time? You may ponder on these questions on the way from Ioannina to Dodoni (22km) and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. When there, you’ll go “aw”.

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Archaeological Area of Kastritsa

The Hill of Kastritsa is an important archaeological site, as the homonymous cave which witnessed human activity from the Stone Age is in its western foothills. The area is populated duting the first historical times as confirmed by the classical ancient fortified citadel ruins in Hellenistic and later stages at the top of the hill, which is identified with Tekmona, the second largest city of Molossos.

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Archaeological Site "Great Gardikiou" Ioannina

Settlement - Citadel of Grand Gardikiou is the northernmost of the three that kept Ioannina basin duting antiquity.

Identified with the ancient Passarona, religious center of the state of Molossos, and the foundation associated with King Pyrrhus, placed in the first half of the 3rd century. (BC.). Newest fortifications within the citadel held the period of the Balkan wars.

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