Time will always find a way to escape you in Ioannina. Whether it is a short stay or a long, there is always something to do and plenty to see. Endless choices! What do you feel like doing today?

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Whether it is a short stay or a long, there is always something to do and plenty to see. Have a relaxing coffee by the lake or visit one of the picturesque Zagorohoria villages, located high up in the mountains. Tour the prehistoric caves at Perama or visit the Pavlos Vrellis Museum of Wax Effigies. Walk the city's castle or hike our worldwide famous hiking trails near Vikos gorge. Enjoy the local delicacies such as Metsovone and Baklava and visit a farmer's market or enjoy the night life with the thousands of the city's students. Endless choices! What do you feel like doing today?


Ioannina Walks: The historic center of Ioannina

A walk in the historic center, which extends in the "front" of the city to the lake, is worth only if you desire to wander and get lost. A good starting point for the walk is the Clock Square (1905), opposite the Town Hall.

Go down the main road, where you will find jewelery and shops with folk art and souvenirs, and let your instinct guide you. Right and left of the main street, every little street, every alley is a surprise.

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Two Days full of Ioannina

The major advantage of Ioannina is that you can see every corner of the city in a walk. You leave your car in a parking lot or you get off a bus and then everything is in front of you! Great sights, tastes, smells, images, the history of the place, parks, scenic spots, food, drink and fun. Lots of fun!

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Ioannina Walks: Out of Town

Fifteen kilometers from Ioannina, the ancient site of Dodoni is located, a place that is surrounded in awe. In recent years, the restoration of the ancient theater and other monuments is attempted hoping that someday the voices of great actors will be heard again. Near the town, in Bizani, there is the Wax Museum, unique in its kind in the country. Before leaving the city, do not forget to visit the cave of Perama for a trip to the underground rocks. In Perama you can make a stop to enjoy traditional dishes and tsipouro.

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Ionian summer stories


Greece without the sea and the sun is not Greece. Ioannina combines sea and sun with other experiences that are not found in the rest of the country, that's why Ioannina is a unique destination.

Just one hour away from Ioannina, through the brand new Egnatia Odos Highway, there is one of the best coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, a coast that offers numerous leisure and relaxation options, the Ionian Coast.

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Municipal Artworks Gallery of Ioannina

The building that now houses the Municipal Art Gallery, with its neoclassical elements (lintels, corbels balcony, window frames) was built around 1890. The collection of the Municipal Gallery includes about 500 works, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculptures, which are compiled during the last forty years. Important part is exposed in the premises of the Gallery and outline the process of Modern Art.

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Municipal Ethnographic Museum of Ioannina

Municipal Ethnographic Museum Ioannina is located in the castle and is housed in the mosque of Aslan Pasha built in the early 17th century (probably in 1618) by Aslan Pasha, who ruled in Ioannina during the period 1600-1612.

Built on the site where according to tradition the Byzantine era, there was the church of St. John.

The Mosque of Aslan Pasha was the core of a large religious - educational complex, from which survives the homonym Tourbes (mausoleum), the Mendreses (seminary) and Mageireeia (outbreak).

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Stoa Louli

Stoa Louli was built in 1875 and its arches were imported from Italy. Initially the gallery functioned as an inn, where people from villages stayed when in Ioannina. Gradually the inn became point - node, where people gathered from across the continent, to start the great, for the season, trip to Athens. The constant motion of so many people resulted in the conversion of the Stoa into the mall of the time. First to develop commercial activity Lodge, were Jewish merchants of Ioannina, who operated shops with fabrics and leather.

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The Tzamala Carnival

In the carnival period there are many happenings and events in Ioannina. One of the must see is the Tzamala. This is a big fire in the center of every neighbourhood of Ioannina. Every neighbourhood is trying to make bigger fire than the others while everyone is dancing around it! 

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Wax museum "Paul Vrellis"

The "Greek History Museum" is located outside Bizani in Ioannina. Housed in a building Urban Castle Architecture Epirus 18th century, founded in 1983 and ended in 1994.

150 wax models, life size, and embedded in a true representation of the environment of their era, mainly revived forms of modern Greek history, in thematic sections. The operating hours for the whole year are: daily 10:00 to 16:00

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