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By Plane: There are two flights from Athens to Ioannina Airport per day offered by Aegean-Olympic Airways.

By Car: The town is 410 km. from Athens. Egnatia Motorway, a modern motorway of international standards connects Ioannina to Thessaloniki (270 km).

By Coach: Ioannina is connected by coaches to Athens and Thessaloniki several times a day. All the villages and the coasts of Epirus are connected by coaches to Ioannina.

By train: There is no train network in Ioannina.

By sea: Igoumenitsa’s Port is currently the third port in size in Greece but considered as no1 as far as the country commercial access. It is situated in the northwest part of mainland Epirus, opposite Corfu Island (18 nautical miles) and very close to the borders between Greece and Albania. It lies 92 km. (half an hour) away from Ioannina. The geographical position of the port turned the city of Igoumenitsa into the most important commercial harbour of Northwest Greece.


Tourist Police
28ης Οκτωβρίου 11, +30 26510 65922

+30 26510 23333 / +30 26510 26758

University hospital
+30 26510 99111

Hatzikosta Hospital
+30 26510 80111

+30 26510 54330 / 166

Gas stations     
+30 26510 33888

Car service     

  • ΕΛΠΑ: 104

Post office                 
+30 26510 26437, Μ. Μπότσαρη 1

28ης Οκτωβρίου 11, +30 26510 65934

Municipal police            
+30 26510 01014 / +30 26510 01008, Αβέρωφ 6

Fire brigade        
+30 26510 70500 / 199

Ioannina university   
+30 26510 07777

Car rentals

+30 26510-46333


+30 26510-43109 

+30 26510-27400

Christina Giannopoulou

+30 26510-46450

Ioannina rent a car

+30 26510-43901  / +30 26510-45382  / +30 6932641943

Nikolaos Alexiou

+30 6974422794

GENESIS rent a car

+30 26510-78400 / +30 6979001147





Parking in the Town of Ioannina

The best way to sightsee Ioannina is on foot. So, you must leave your car in one of many parking spots and then walk yourself around.

-In the center of the town, near the clock tower, the outdoor parking of Ioannina Municipality.

-An underground parking near the central square.

-A parking at the start of the pedestrian Mich. Angel Street, near the building of the Region of Epirus.

-A large outdoor free parking next to the lake, near the castle and the old market.

Free WiFi

In the town of Ioannina you have a wireless internet access for your mobile phone or laptop. The network covers nowadays the center of the city and it is constantly expanding. Many cafes, restaurants and shops provide free WiFi spots as well.