This is a good place for food fans with an appetite for genuine Mediterranean cuisine and traditional home cooking. Cheese and meat from hilltop farms (don’t miss the smoked Metsovone, semi-hard PDO cheese), herb flavored pies, fish and game, fine local wines and tsipouro. With the world famous gianniotiko baklava you are in for a real treat!

Come and discover our amazing food scene!

Καβα παλαίωσης Κρασιών Ιωάννινα

Delicious food. Great wines.

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of life and one of the greatest joys of travel. Ioannina is a unique place for food fans with an appetite for genuine Mediterranean cuisine and traditional home cooking. Talented chefs, superb local products, great value are the ingredients of Ioannina Gastronomy, one of the tastiest food scenes in Greece.

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Ioannina Walks: The historic center of Ioannina

A walk in the historic center, which extends in the "front" of the city to the lake, is worth only if you desire to wander and get lost. A good starting point for the walk is the Clock Square (1905), opposite the Town Hall.

Go down the main road, where you will find jewelery and shops with folk art and souvenirs, and let your instinct guide you. Right and left of the main street, every little street, every alley is a surprise.

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Mouthwatering Pastries

Baklava, the traditional sweet of Ioannina, is famous throughout Greece. A lightly buttered paper-thin "phyllo" dough is deftly rolled by hand, not too loose-not too tight, layer over layer, to evenly wrap the fillings of the recipes (nuts, spices and dried fruits) and make sure they will bake to a perfect aromatic blend. Each bite reminds that Ioannina is the delicious crossroads of Europe and the East, a unique taste experience, combining the past with the future of Ioannina.

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Stoa Louli

Stoa Louli was built in 1875 and its arches were imported from Italy. Initially the gallery functioned as an inn, where people from villages stayed when in Ioannina. Gradually the inn became point - node, where people gathered from across the continent, to start the great, for the season, trip to Athens. The constant motion of so many people resulted in the conversion of the Stoa into the mall of the time. First to develop commercial activity Lodge, were Jewish merchants of Ioannina, who operated shops with fabrics and leather.

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Wine walks #1: Zoinos winery

Primary objective of the Company was the rescue of the rare wine region of Zitsa, preserving the cooperation amongst wine-growers in the region and creating high quality wines from indigenous varieties of Debina, Vlachiko and Bekari. Over the years, this original goal was reached, setting the stage for a further development of ZOINOS S.A.

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Wine walks #2: Glinavos Winery

We believe that each wine should tell a story. The story of its variety, its production, its maturation and the story of the rains, the burning sun and the land it grows on. The blessed and famous land of Zitsa in Ioannina gives us some of the best Greek wines. For this reason, we chose to walk the less frequented path, the one of keeping the tradition and of harmonic collaboration with modern technology. From collecting grapes by hand until the discreet but essential use of modern technology, we combine the best elements of both worlds.

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