The Archaeological site of Dodona

In the valley that nests under the slopes of Mount Olytsika, Tmaros or Tomaros according to the ancient written sources, 22km south of Ioannina in the Municipality of Dodoni, are located the ruins of the religious centre and Oracle of Zeus and Dione, a site which also functioned as the administrative seat of the various in time coalitions of  ancient Epirotes.

With indications of habitation and worship since prehistoric times, for about twelve centuries (8th century BC- 4th century AD) men, women, and even city representatives, locals but also from neighbouring or far afield areas, were regularly coming to this place seeking advice from the divine, endowed with foresight powers, couple. Dodona acquired its greatest prestige in the years of the ambitious reformer of ancient Epirus, the Hellenistic King- eagle Pyrros (319/318 - 272 BC).

Beneath the walled acropolis there are worship edifices dedicated to various deities, buildings associated with political life, the theatre, the stadium, as well as the ruins of a Christian church (5th c. AD).

In order for someone to complement the profile image of this once populous and voiceful place, it is also advisable to combine a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.



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