The Bath of Ioannina

The Bath is outside the Northeast Acropolis Castle, south of the Library. It is one of the earliest preserved Ottoman monuments in Ioannina (early 17th century). It seems that it replaced the northern detected Byzantine bath.

The building, which has received many later alterations, consists of a large square hall west, an intermediate narrow vaulted room, the main hall of the bath, the vaulted tank and ovens for heating water. The main hall of the bath has a stone floor, which was based on the stanchions of hypocaust, most of which survived.

Clay pipes run around the walls and served for channeling hot water and space heating. East and part of the building currently occupied by a newest building, there is the vaulted tank and the ovens to heat the bath. "Stalactites" a characteristic Islamic ornament with successive multi based surfaces adorn the walls of the building. It is reserved in half-ruined situation, despite sketchy at times interventions (fixings of perimeter wall, repairs to the domes, fixing hypocaust and decorative elements).