Monastery Assumption of Holy Mary of Archimandreiou

The church of Archimandreiou, dedicated to the Dormition of Mary was the church of the monastery Archimandrite or Archimandreiou or of the Lady Chimantriotissas. The name should probably be connected to the lead it had among other monasteries of Ioannina, as Archimandrite Abbot lived there.

In another version the name Archimandreio comes from the name of its founder. The monastery was first mentioned in the sources in 1383, to mark the transition of the abbot Gabriel in Istanbul, where he met with Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus. After returning Gabriel became metropolitan of Ioannina.

From the late 15th century Archimandreio is nunnery, the nuns of which were famous for their performance in weaving and processing of silk and linen. In its present form the temple is a large three-aisled vaulted basilica, with three arches east and a narthex to the west. From the frescoes decorating the interior kept those of the sanctuary, made by Eleftherios Boulogianni 1885, as well as performances attributed to parapets of the north gallery, works of the last decades of the 19th century. The murals of the nave was in 1986. The chapel of St. Fanourios, situated in the grounds of Archimandreiou was built in 1956. A short distance southeast of the Temple of Archimandreiou rises monumental bell tower, which was built in 1915.


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