Church of St Nicholas of the Market

The church of St Nicholas of the Market, is located near today's Independence Street. It shall also bear the name "Saint Nicholas of Bath", because the first Turkish bath built in the city was near.

In this position it seems that there was a temple from the early 17th century, which as it is stated in 1630 was demolished by Recep Aga's son. The church was rebuilt between 1647 and 1749, and again destroyed in 1820, during the events of Ali Pasha and the burning of the city by the sultan troops.

In the form that is maintained today Saint Nicholas began to be built in 1837, with sponsorship by Zosimadon brothers and C. Hatzikonsta.

The church follows the type of three-aisled basilica. Great interest is caused by the icons of the church. The icons of Russian origin, strongly influenced by the style of the Nazarene painters, were donated to the church in 1841 by George Hatzikonsta. Inside the church several more images of large dimensions of Russian origin are kept. From the relics of the temple should especially be mentioned those of G.Chatzikonsta. This is a gospel of 1837 with silver bindings, as well as a chalice, a paten and asterisk, works of 1828, Russian laboratories.


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