Church of Saint George of Ioannina

It is located in Square Parga Ioanninon. The relics of the Saint, who is patron of the city, are kept in the church.

Saint George, was hanged by the Turks at age of 30, on January 17, 1838, from the plane tree that existed in the locality Kourmanio, near the gate of the city castle, when he refused to renounce Christianity.

Although the body of the Saint left hanging for days, it was not altered while a bright sign was permanently over his head at night and made many miracles in patients. Those miracles persuaded the Turks to accept the sanctity of St. George and ordered to be buried with the highest values, which was done by the bishop Ioakim, at the Cathedral of St. Athanasius. The rendering of relics of St George, was done in 1971.


Metropolis of Ioannina

Address: Patriarch Joachim III, 10

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