Agia Marina and Church of St. John martyr

Agia Marina is located in one of the oldest districts of Ioannina, Kaloutsiani... According to tradition, the church of Agia Marina was first built in 1791, and only in 1809 the first reconstruction of the G.Gorgoli and Stefano Bubi was made. The English traveler Thomas Smart Hughes, who visited the city in 1813 in his travelogue characterises Agia Marina "as the most beautiful and brightest of Ioannina existing churches." In 1820 the church was burnt down by the sultan's troops besieging the city of Ioannina and in 1829 it was burned again by Veli Bey.

The church of Agia Marina, in the today format, was built in 1852 with money from Epirus benefactor Nicholas Zosima and his brothers, as evidenced by an inscribed marble slab, built above the main entrance door. It is a three-aisled basilica with three polygonal arches to the east and wide vestibule-like narthex to the west. The frescoes of the church are arranged in the standard form since the mid-Byzantine centuries iconography but by stylistic aspect it is obviously remote from the Byzantine tradition, seeking patterns in western works. The iconostasis is carved and gilded. From the relics kept in the church two gospels with elaborate silver bindings, are worth mentioning in particular, which are attributed to foreign laboratory, probably the same. One gospel is dedicated to the temple in 1796, while the other was printed in Venice in 1791. On the west side of the enclosure of Agia Marina the massive stone bell tower rises, which was built after years of trying in 1949 at the expense of the parishioners.


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