Saint Athanasios - Cathedral of Ioannina

The Metropolitan temple of the city, dedicated to St. Athanasius, is located north of the hill Litharitsia near the lakeside district, known even today as Siarava. Although, according to tradition, in this place there was a temple since the Byzantine period, the first certain information on the existence of an older temple comes from the documents of 1619 and 1664, where it is reported as a Catholic monastery.

In 1831-1832, some years after the complete destruction of Saint Athanasius during the burning of the city by the troops of Hoursit, it was built by the bishop Joachim of Melnik, the new temple, in the form we know it today. Since the 18th century, church architecture of Epirus, and the broader Northern Greece prevails the architectural type of the basilica.

The interior of the church is decorated with frescoes in the three arches of the sanctuary and the interim niches, the dome and the lower zone of the side walls. The frescoes of the sanctuary were painted in 1835 by painters from Ioannina Theodosius and Constantine as the inscription reports. The iconostasis of St. Athanasius is characteristic of continental woodwork of the 19th century. It is exquisite art, a work of Anastasios

Skalistis and his sons, Constantine, John and Dimitri, who came from Turnovo (Gorgopotamos) Konitsa. On the northwest side of the church of St. Athanasios, in 1909 the imposing bell tower was built, designed by the architect P. Melirrytou.