Discover estuaries teeming with wildlife, cross dense woodlands and brave deep gorges in off-the-beaten-track adventures. 

Close your eyes. Imagine a fairytale city, a place bathing in sun one minute, drowned in fog the next. Open your eyes. This paradise exists!

This is a good place for food fans with an appetite for genuine Mediterranean cuisine and traditional home cooking. Cheese and meat from hilltop farms (don’t miss the smoked Metsovone, semi-hard PDO cheese), herb flavored pies, fish and game, fine local wines and tsipouro. With the world famous…

Time will always find a way to escape you in Ioannina. Whether it is a short stay or a long, there is always something to do and plenty to see. Endless choices! What do you feel like doing today?

Ioannina, a city pervaded by the grandeur of centuries passed through a deep cultural tradition, is a place filled with secrets waiting to be unraveled