Pirrion Boutique Hotel ***

“Pirrion Hotel’’ is in Ano Pedina village, in Zagori, where you enjoy the stewed fruit sensations of a unique village, the nature's touch and the paths to calmness and tradition. Enjoy a nice trip to the royal palace of your soul, the warm hospitality of Pirrion palace. Here nature meets tradition. The comforts of modern decoration meet warm hospitality.

A high-standard hotel, a fairy tale, written on the mountains of Zagori - Epirus. One of the most famous palaces in the area belonged to the Great King of Molossi. Here you can “travel” to a different dimension, one of warmth and tradition through Pirrion Hotel in Central Zagori. 

It is a unique hosting and traditional destination which will make you feel like home, full of   elegance and smart simplicity. Two stone of simple yet unique construction buildings, offer breathtaking view of the village of Ano Pedina and make a real hospitable and traditional retreat in Zagori.

The unique ‘’Vikos Gorge’’ listed as the deepest gorge in the world in proportionto its width (Guinness Book of Records) and is the temptation of every climber. Every traveller will love the lakes, the rivers, the forests, the paths in Zagori. Climbing in Mount Tymfi, rafting in Voidomatis and Aoos rivers, mountain-biking in the old paths of  villages in the Vikos Gorge area, and horse-back riding are the activities awaiting the fans of nature and adrenaline.



  1. Ano Pedina

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

T.  +30 26530 71141

M. +30 6972258545

E. [email protected]

Url. www.pirrion.gr