En Chora Vezitsa Traditional Village Hotel ***

A different proposal, in one of the most traditional villages of Greece, Vitsa, the hotel "En Chora Vezitsa" allocates spacious units covered in traditional interior and furnishing, and outdoor spaces & courtyards with magical view in the deep green landscape of Vikos Gorge.

Particular attention has given in the internal decoration of hotel with sovereign elements of Stone and timber, creating a relaxing environment that enhances the senses of the visitors and creates atmosphere of peacefulness and happiness, creating an escape from the tempo of the modern city life.

"En Chora Vezitsa" Hotel with the warm and traditional environment, aiming to give to the visitor a sample of the hospitality of the Zagori Villages and let them know the traditional tasted delicacies coming of the inhabitants cookers, including all the species of tasty pies, local tidbits and sweets, all made of genuine ingredients of the region of mountain Pindos.

The village of Vitsa is characterized  as a traditional settlement, with special historical, architectural and ecological interest in the Zagori region. Located under an hour away from  the city of Ioannina, the boundaries of the National Park Vikos Aoos and the beginning of the famous Vikos Gorge.

  1. Vitsa

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

T.  +30 26530 71449

F.  +30 26530 71564

M. +30 6944660338

E. [email protected]

Url.  www.vezitsa-zagori.com