Apeiros Chora Traditional Guesthouse ***

The Mansion Apeiros Chora (Endless Country) is situated in Kato Pedina one of the most traditional settlements, centre of the Zagori villages, also known as “Zagorochoria”, in Epirus, Northern Greece. The area is characterized by the timeless beauty and amazing landscape, inviting you to enjoy  hospitality while surrounded with the harmony of nature.

Apeiros Chora, as the epicenter of the journey to the Zagori region, the visitor may discover  quaint historic villages, old stone bridges, churches and monasteries which are interspersed throughout the area. Walk the astonishingly deep “Vikos“Gorge and its surrounding trails, mirror in the crystal waters of the “Voidomatis” River, and experience in full the history of the region and its inhabitants.

Whether in a mood to relax or in a mood for an excursion, Apeiros Chora is ready to offer an exclusive home atmosphere with unmatched personal services, preserving the authenticity of the manor in terms of its history, tradition and local architectural principles. By respecting the culture of the region and the house’s character, the guests may discover and immerse  into the past and thus experience the genuine flavor of Zagorochoria.

Parallel to its articulated past, this unique hotel is fitted with qualities that are indispensable for today’s modern traveler like the use of environmental friendly materials, energy efficiency, and access to modern technology, all which enhance the Zagori experience.

  1. Kato Pedina

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

T.  +30 26530 71188

M. +30 6936510806

E. [email protected] 

Url. www.apeiroschora.gr