Mikro Papigo 1700 Luxury Hotel & Spa *****

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa is a multi award-winning hotel nestled inside the core of the Geopark Vikos-Aoos and Unesco's Heritage monument, the famous region of Zagori, Epirus. Uniquely designed, while developing mild in space at different levels, almost a village within the village, it rightfully claims the title of the most beautiful “balcony” in the Vikos Gorge and in the settlements of small and big Papigo.

The composition of volumes is perfectly suited and tied to the landscape and consists of one-storey or two-storey buildings, to avoid monotony and to create a sense of a private small settlement. Impressive and unique both in its external form and the internal spaces which are exclusively signed by well known designers.

Evolving the landscape – beyond natural – to a cosmopolitan destination for exclusive vacation, still literally surrounded by nature, as from the hotel begins the path to the alpine lake Drakolimni and its shelter, the sources of Voidomatis river and the heart of the forest of the National Park of Vikos- Aoos.

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa is the first green hotel in North Greece multiple awarded with the Green Key by the Foundation for the Environmental Education, as example for its environmental policy focus on environmental protection issues.


  1. Mikro Papigo

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

T.  +30 26530 41179

F.  +30 26530 42266 

E. [email protected]

Url. www.mikropapigo.gr