Aithrio Guest House Hotel *****

Aithrio, as the name illustrates, is one of the few examples of the unique Zagorian style architecture with an impressive inner courtyard, located in the central square of one of the better preserved villages of Zagori, and certainly one of the most picturesque known as Dilofo, a jewel nestled in the tranquil corner of North West Greece, Epirus.

This splendid 17th century manor house has undergone several renovations in order to enhance the original state. Its old structural material and elements have been restored with supreme detail and respect to the unique architectural tradition of Epirus.

The five specially created units, have been named after protected birds which live in the area of the Zagori. Each unit has its own distinctive character due to the color scheme and made up of comfortable, homely and yet elegant furniture by well-known designers. All modern hotel comforts are a sure guarantee for an unforgettable stay, while enjoying the serenity and tranquility of the village.

The charming and idyllic location of Dilofo is situated in the centre of Zagori and is just a mere 32 km from Ioannina which makes it one of the most sought after places for daily enjoyable excursions.  The fact that it is prohibited for cars to enter the village, makes Dilofo stand out from other picturesque villages of Zagori since the original character has been preserved.


  1. Dilofo

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

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