Anavasi Mountain Resort ****

The hotel Anavasi Mountain Resort is dressed in stone, wood and bronze and focus on contemporary standard, offers to the visitors the warmth of the traditional simplicity and the comfortable accommodation is ensured. Anavasi Mountain Resort, the “Ascent” to the top of the emotions, starts from the settlement of Tsopela, the roots of extravagant Stroggoula, hillside of Tzoumerka, that stands up in the sky at 2.160 meters.

The visitors can admire the wild nature, stare, walk, and discover a journey through literature, live unforgettable experiences of pleasure. Tzoumerka offers the possibility to the visitor to participate in different activities such as Rafting, kayak, hiking, climbing, cycling, arching, rapel, parapente, horse-riding, mountainous horse-riding.

A special charm and a strange attraction present the famous Plaka bridge, the magic cave of Anemotrypa, built in a hill the monastery of Kipina, the traditioanl villages of Sirrako and Kalarrites, the lovely fountains in the homonymous village Katarraktis, the red church of the 13th century near the village Voulgareli, the forest of Leptokaria with the fountain and Folklore museum of Kipseli.

Wherever the eye flies, meets the incomparable beauty of Tzoumerka. "Steals" images of a lost paradise, dreamy nights full of stars. The impressive height of Stroggoula, and when the message of the local exploration starts, the "Ascent" is continued to the fanted colors of autumn nostalgia.


  1. Pramanta

Tzoumerka – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

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