Paionia Traditional Guesthouse ****

In between green forests, full of oaks and platans, you will find one of the beautiful Epirotic villages Delvinaki of Pogoni, where Peonia guesthouse is located. This place has been untouchable of the recent years rapid, touristic development, thus has maintained its uniqueness.

The love for our place and the strong desire for quality growth urged us to create Peonia guesthouse, in an old 1899 masonry building, which renovated with extra care and full respect to the building’s tradition, in order to create a quality, modern, accommodation place which travel all of us in other past times.

Some traditional architectural elements, which bring out the history of the building and successfully testify about its past, are the traditional wooden entrance with the heavy steel bars, the scalding at the first floor just above the main entrance door, the embrasures on both sides of the entrance, the arched roof basement, the masonry stoves and fireplaces.

Delvinaki, one of the largest villages and capital of Pogoni province, was throughout its history a heroic bastion of the region and a cultural centre. Delvinaki is a picturesque village that maintains its traditional, unalterable face. Imperiously villages, proud people and plain nature are the characteristics of Pogoni province which is a traveler’s destination for those who are searching for new, undiscovered places.


  1. Delvinaki

Pogoni – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

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