Delicious food. Great wines.

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of life and one of the greatest joys of travel. Ioannina is a unique place for food fans with an appetite for genuine Mediterranean cuisine and traditional home cooking. Talented chefs, superb local products, great value are the ingredients of Ioannina Gastronomy, one of the tastiest food scenes in Greece.

There is nothing in a new city like visiting new restaurants and having new culinary experiences. The local gastronomy you can sample almost everywhere in town and in nearby taverns includes cheese and meat from hilltop farms (don’t miss the smoked Metsovone, semi-hard PDO cheese), herb flavored pies, fish and game, fine local wines and tsipouro.


Have a glass of wine. Or three!

Ioannina produces a small but significant amount of Greece’s total wine production. Zitsa and Metsovo have put Ioannina on the winemaking map. 

Wine cultivation in Ioannina dates back to the 16th century. Did you know that Lord Byron, the famous poet, was one of the many enthusiasts of Zitsa's signature wine? You must try this semi - sweet rose wine, known for its subtly spicy flavour. 

Zitsa, thanks to the tradition and reputation it had in wine making from old times, has been characterized as an area with "Appellation d' Origine de Qualite Superieure" wines. The composition and relief of the terrain, the elevation between 600 and 700 meters, the wheather conditions and the uniqueness of the white variety of Debina grapes give to the renowed wine of the region a rich and fine aroma, a smooth and pleasant taste.

In addition to the local Debina variety, two other red varieties-the "Vlachico" and the "Bekari" are also cultivated. The red to white grape ratio is approximately 9 to 1. Ioannina is a must-visit place for all wine lovers!


Time For A Dessert!

With the world famous gianniotiko baklava you are in for a real treat: the local genre bridges the oriental dessert traditions with the less-sweet-tooth Europeans: an icon of the Ioannina culture!