Discover estuaries teeming with wildlife, cross dense woodlands and brave deep gorges in off-the-beaten-track adventures. 

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Camp for the night stargazing over towering rock formations before the next morning’s punishing push for the alpine lakes; go skiing or 4X4 riding, take the trails up to the rugged Pindos and Tzoumerka mountain ranges or down to the rivers Aoos, Viodomatis, Arachthos and Kalamas for canoe-kayak, rafting and horse-back riding, then relax in a mountain resort for a bit of glitz. For your experience of Vicos gorge, one of the largest, deepest and most impressive canyons in the world (in the Vicos-Aoos National Park, one of UNESCO’s global geoparks), you’ll have to write a book!

Pamvotida Lake is ideal for rowing, skiing and model boat racing. Are you looking for something more easygoing? No problem! You can walk, run, and even ride your bike around the lake on a custom made 8km long sidewalk. Every year the event of Ioannina Lake Run takes place at the lake, one of the most famous and beautiful running events in the country. For those that enjoy mother nature, the lake is an ideal place to go birdwatching as its a shelter for dozens of endemic and migratory bird species. 

The mountains around Ioannina offer an even bigger selection of activities. Vasilitsa and Metsovo are two skiing resorts that will satisfy even the most experienced skiers. Other outdoor activities include things such as mountain hiking in and around the gorgeous winding trails, horseback riding, paragliding, rafting, canoeing and kayaking.  They can even go on a wild mushroom hunt if they choose!

And of course the nearby sea offers countless opportunities for even more sport activities. In the coasts of Thesprotia, visitors will discover organized beaches where they can enjoy surfboarding, scuba diving, sailing, skiing and everything else the beautiful blue waters of the Ionian have to offer!


  • Boating and water sports in Pamvotida
  • Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing in the rivers Aoos, Arachthos, Voidomatis and Kalaritikos
  • Paragliding in Konitsa and Asprangeli
  • Climbing at Mitsikeli, Metsovo (Mavrovouni) Konitsa (Smolikas) Pramanta (Tzoumerka) Vovousa (Pindos) Kalarites and Chirac (mountain Lakmos), Aetomilitsa, Kefalovrysso (Nemertsika)
  • Hiking in Theriakisio and Zagorohoria
  • Horse riding
  • 4X4
  • Mountain Bike
  • Skiing and snowboard in the three ski resorts of Metsovo, Anilio (1.690 - 1.870m), Karakoli (1.350 - 1.520m) and Prophitis Elias (1.360 - 1.620m)
κατάβαση καταράκτη καλαρύτης ποταμός
καγιάκ στο ποταμό βοϊδόματη

10th Ioannina Lake Run

Thousands of runners are going to participate in this year’ s “Ioannina Lake Run” on Sunday 18 September, foot racing for 30 km and causing the “heart of the runners movement to beat fast” next to the beautiful lake Pamvotis.

Cycling Tour #1: Ioannina, Metsovo, Dodoni and the Ionian Sea

Easy cycling between mountains, city action and beach.

An awesome cycle trip to some of the most picturesque mountainous settlements of Greece, garnished by a visit to the cultural capital of Epirus, the lively town Ioannina. After some days in the lively capital Ioannina you visit the mountain village Metsovo, town of the bears, the wine, the famous cheese Metsovone and center of outdoor-activities. One of the most important archaeological sites is waiting in Dodoni, before you go along the mythical River Acheron to the sandy and blue flagged beaches of the Ionian Sea.

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Cycling Tour #2: Pindos Mountains

Easy-moderate Cycle tour in an unique mountain region.

The northern part of Epirus is mostly unknown and undiscovered, but spectacular and of unique beauty. The whole region of Konitsa and Zagori is full of ottoman stone bridges, awesome mountain villages built in a traditional architecture and an impressive scenery of mountain ranges. The region is part of the Pindos Mountain Range and one of the most picturesque regions in Greece. This cycle tour leads to the most important sights of Konitsa and Zagori – so of course also Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge of the world.

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Cycling Tour #4: The flood plain of Kalamas River

Delvinaki, Zitsa and the Ionian Sea.

The tour takes you through a slight mountain area in the North-West of Greece. On the fourth day you go by transfer to the highest point of the tour in an attitude of 1.060 m. The tour encounters mostly slight and only a few short and strong ascents and descents on quite side roads. The finishing circle at the coast of the Ioanina Sea is very easy cycling in the salt-breeze combined with beach fun and relaxing.

Some Highlights of the tour:

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Horse Riding

In Ioannina you can horseride in nature and in a specially designed track. The Therapeutic Riding Center is located just five minutes away from Ioannina, in Katsikas. In case of rain, you can horseride indoor too!

There is another equestrian center in Klimatia. The truly nature experience is in Zagorochoria in Megalo Papigo, in the mountains.

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Hunting Wild Truffle

Truffle is the fruiting body of a rare subterranean fungus, which grows on the roots of trees like or hazel, pine, oaks, willows and firs. The wild truffle hunting is an outstanding outdoor activity and an once-in-a-lifetime experience in nature. It can last 10 hours!

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Ionian summer stories


Greece without the sea and the sun is not Greece. Ioannina combines sea and sun with other experiences that are not found in the rest of the country, that's why Ioannina is a unique destination.

Just one hour away from Ioannina, through the brand new Egnatia Odos Highway, there is one of the best coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, a coast that offers numerous leisure and relaxation options, the Ionian Coast.

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At Prophet Elias Hill, over Konitsa village, at 1.071m. altitude you can find a paragliding track, where World Cup events have been held. Even if you don't paraglide, the view of Konitsa valley is fantastic. The location is accessible by car.

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Rafting & Kayaking

There are several rafting ans kayaking schools in Ioannina that will make you love the rivers of Epirus. Aoos and Voidomatis are ideal for rafting and kayaking, with 27km of easy and difficult routes. km. A route in Aoos is suitable only for the experienced athletes.

The most popular route starts at Aoos Bridge and ends at Konitsa Bridge. It is a demanding 15km route that lasts 4-8 hours. 

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Ski resorts #1: Anilio

The ski resort is located on 1690m - 1870m and has five slopes for every ski lover, amateur or professiona. There are a two seater 800m aerial lift, two new lifts (280m and 300m) and two baby lifts.

Next to the ski resort there is a stone-built chalet with two fireplaces and a beautiful view. You can find a ski rental shop and a ski school in the resort.

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Ski resorts #2: Karakoli

The ski resort is located at 1340m - 1520m altitude, just 1.5km away from Metsovo. The cable car is a live piece of history, as it was built in 1968 and operated until today! There are three slopes, 1,100m, 900m and 200m. There is an 800m aerial lift with a capacity of 82, used by skiers and visitors. In Karakoli an artificial track is operational too and a 72m tubing track.

In the ski center there is a chalet with a cafeteria, a bar and a restaurant, a ski school and an equipment rental shop.


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Ski resorts #3: Profitis Ilias

The ski resort is located on 1.360m - 1.620m altitude, close to Metsovo. The slopes are on hills with magnificent view of the Pindos mountain tops. There are five downhill slopes (two of 1200m, one of 100m, 300m and 150m), a 7km cross-road track, an aerial and three lifts (700m, 250m and 120m).

In the ski resort you can find a chalet with a cafeteria, a bar and a restaurant, a ski school and an equipment rental shop. There is a bus ifnyou want to have a tour in the ski resort.

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The North Face Zagori Mountain Running

Ο ορεινός μαραθώνιος (Zagori Mountain Running) διεξάγεται στα Ζαγοροχώρια τα τελευταία πέντε χρόνια το τελευταίο Σαββατοκύριακο του Ιουλίου. Συμμετέχουν πάνω από 1.500 αθλητές, ενώ μαζί με συνοδούς, οικογένειες και θεατές o αριθμός ξεπερνάει τις 5.000.

Η μεγάλη διαδρομή των 80χλμ είναι ουσιαστικά ο γύρος του βουνού της Τύμφης και περνάει από δεκάδες χωριά και από τα ομορφότερα σημεία στα Ζαγοροχώρια.