Archaeological sites

The Archaeological site of Dodona

In the valley that nests under the slopes of Mount Olytsika, Tmaros or Tomaros according to the ancient written sources, 22km south of Ioannina in the Municipality of Dodoni, are located the ruins of the religious centre and Oracle of Zeus and Dione, a site which also functioned as the administrative seat of the various in time coalitions of  ancient Epirotes.

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The Kastritsa archaeological site

In the east part of the Ioannina basin dominates the elongated hill of Kastritsa (alt. 757m). Archaeological remains from the foothills and the top mark the history of this strategic site for 24 millenniums.

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Archaeological Site "Great Gardikiou" Ioannina

Settlement - Citadel of Grand Gardikiou is the northernmost of the three that kept Ioannina basin duting antiquity. Identified with the ancient Passarona, religious center of the state of Molossos, and the foundation associated with King Pyrrhus, placed in the first half of the 3rd century. (BC.).

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