The Ioannina were "presented" in London

Latest News | 09 - 11 - 2021

The Ioannina were "presented" in London

The municipality of Ioannina participated in the world tourism exhibition of London, which takes place every year, as part of the actions for the tourist development of the destination.

The exhibition had a great participation, as after a one-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, the global tourism community gathered in the British capital with the main tour operators and travel agencies being there to close new agreements and renew their partnerships. The municipality of Ioannina, which was hosted at the Epirus Region stand, was represented by the deputy mayor of tourism, Giorgos Lolis, and a representative from Wise Ram SA, the tourism promotion consultancy company of the municipality of Ioannina. Between the meetings, Mr. Lolis held meetings with a representative of the international tour operator TUI Group, as well as the large outbound tourism office from Romania, based in Bucharest, Travis Tourism

Furthermore, the representatives of the Municipality of Ioannina met with the Marketing Manager of Cyprus Airways, Kiki Haida, in the context of strengthening the relations between Ioannina and Cyprus. Mrs. Haida expressed particular interest in the investigation of a connection between Ioannina and Cyprus, something that will be determined in the new year when the new administration will take over the Cypriot airline.

Mr. Lolis spoke with the Secretary General of the EOT, Dimitris Fragakis as well as with the new Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias.

In the context of the discussion, extensive information was given on the promotion initiatives of Ioannina and both Mr. Fragakis and Mr. Kikilias applauded the intention of the municipality of Ioannina to strengthen conference tourism in the destination and the establishment of a Conference and Visitor Attraction Office in Ioannina.

Also noteworthy is the meeting of Mr. Lolis with the new director of the EOT, Eleni Skarveli, with whom they discussed ways of promoting Ioannina and the possibilities for organizing familiarization visits by tourist agents and British media representatives.

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