Presentation of the city of Ioannina in Tirana

Latest News | 23 - 05 - 2022

Presentation of the city of Ioannina in Tirana

Destination of "Ioannina" was presented to representatives of travel agencies and tour operators of Albania, as part of the "Destination Diplomacy" initiatives undertaken by the tourism development consulting company Wise Ram SA.

During the event, held in a central hotel of the Albanian capital, hoteliers from our city had the opportunity to take part in prearranged B2B meetings with businessmen from the neighboring country.

The initiative was implemented under the auspices and support of the municipality of Ioannina, the EOT, the Hotel Association of Ioannina, as well as Aegean Airlines and the Hotel Association of Thessaloniki, as, together with the tourism product of the city of Ioannina, the destination was also presented of the joint venture capital.

The ambassador of Greece in Tirana, Sofia Filippidou, addressed the event.

On behalf of the municipality of Ioannina, the deputy mayor of Tourism, Georgios Lolis and the deputy head of the municipality's Tourism Department, Emilios Neos, participated in the mission.

Our country is a popular destination for the Albanian tourist market, with the most popular destinations being Epirus, Western Greece and Central Macedonia. According to surveys, Albanian tourists visit Greece throughout the year, for vacations, but also for other activities.

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