With new tourist guides and maps, our city is at the starting point of the tourist recovery

Latest News | 08 - 05 - 2021

With new tourist guides and maps, our city is at the starting point of the tourist recovery

With easy-to-use travel guides (brochures and maps), adapted to the needs and requirements of today's times, to promote the tourism product of our city and improve the service of the visitors-tourists in the tour, according to their interests and preferences, strengthens the communication infrastructure of the Tourist Promotion Office of the municipality of Ioannina.

The brochures and maps were designed in a small format ("pocket" booklets) for more practical use and, in the first phase, have been printed in two languages (Greek and English). They are available, not only in printed form, but also in digital form, through the website www.travelioannina.com and the social media available to the Tourist Office (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), subject to compliance with the Copyright Principles and reference to the source of origin. The new tourist guide contains important information about the multicultural character of the city of Ioannina, with its diverse destinations, rich history and folk tradition, but also the most impressive sights of natural beauty. It offers comprehensive information to potential visitors (tourists or excursionists) about the most important archaeological sites, monuments (historical, religious and natural), museums, buildings of architectural interest and other available routes for personal or professional purposes (leisure, work etc.).

On the informative enough tourist map, visitors can look for clear directions to reach any point of tourist interest in the city they choose, easily and without wasting valuable time. With his safe guidance, they have the opportunity to wander, always maintaining their orientation, in the picturesque alleys of the historic center, the old and the new market, in idyllic corners of relaxation, fun and entertainment, in "forgotten" neighborhoods of authentic Ioannitian simplicity. To "discover" known and unknown routes for a pleasant walk or to locate the stations of means of transportation (city and intercity buses, airport), as well as the parking areas.

At the same time, the map contains all the useful telephone numbers, so that tourists-travelers are equipped with all the necessary information and prepared to enjoy every minute of their trip.

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