Hotel Kassaros Traditional luxury Hotel **

The hotel is located just 50m from the central square of Metsovo providing magnificent views of the mountain of Pindos. The historic settlement of Kassaros Hotel was built in 1980 and was fully renovated in March 2010. The combination of tradition and luxury brings out a harmonious and warm environment.

The rooms finesse with the stone decoration, the carvings on the beds, the handmade carpets and the elaborate ceilings according to the old-style Metsovo decoration catches the visitor’s eye. The rooms balcony offers a fascinating view of the snowy or other times verdurous Pindos mountains as well as the streets of Metsovo.

The lounge with the handmade textiles and the wooden hotel bar offers relaxation moments next to the fireplace, while the breakfast room decorated with old Metsovo table photos can travel you to past times. Kassaros Hotel is conveniently near the ski centres of Metsovo and Anilio, organizing daily trips to the Valia Calda National Park, as well as Meteora. 

A.  Metsovo  -  Ioannina

      Epirus – Greece

T. +30  2656041800

F. +30 2656041262

E.   [email protected]