La Munte Mountain Resort ****

At the point where North Pindos intersects South Pindos, along the green hillside and across Metsovo village, right in the heart of village Anilio, there is a small paradise of hospitality, Hotel La Munte. It is a beautiful, newly built nest, which is an ideal choice for enjoyable and relaxing holidays, all year's seasons.

Hotel La Munte Mountain Resort is located in Anilio, just 6 km from the Ski Resort. Each La Munte room is spacious providing  scenic views over Metsovo. La Munte Mountain Resort is conveniently situated a 20-minute drive from Ioannina and less than 10 minutes from picturesque Metsovo.

The premises are designed and decorated for lovers of sophisticated modern yet warm style of decoration, combining elegance and  breathtaking views. The view of Metsovo village is fantastic and the peaks of Pindos combines with the colorful gardens of Hotel La Munte.


A. Anilio

     Metsovo  -  Ioannina

      Epirus – Greece

T. +30 2656029030-4

F. +30  2656029035

E. [email protected]