Bourazani Wild Life Resort ***

The Hotel

Built according to the local architecture of Bourazani, the Wild Life Resort offers a variety of spacious rooms and suites in a natural setting, just opposite the Environmental Park “Bourazani” giving the opportunity to make the most out of the outdoor life. Hotel Bourazani is ideally located next to Aoos River, just minutes away from Konitsa, and just under an hour’s drive from Ioannina.

Environmental Wildlife Park
At the Bourazani Wildlife Environmental Park, the main aim is the good treatment and attendance of the animals, the preservation of their natural balance, the observation of the animals in their natural environment, as well as to give to the visitors providing organized educational tours, all the useful information on these animals, their behavior and their biological circles.

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History provides the opportunity to see all the kinds of plants, orchids, butterflies, reptiles, amphibia, libellules and orthopteran, that have been observed in the area of Bourazani, and additionally, all the species of fish that exist in the Aoos River,  and form a precious regional capital and a basis for scientific research.


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Konitsa – Ioannina

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