Prophet Elias Monastery

The only monastery which has no direct contact with the lake, is the monastery of Prophet Elias at the top of a low hill to the south of the settlement. The historical data for the monastery are minimal. The original building of the church, which probably dated back even in the late Byzantine period, was destroyed by the sultan's troops, in 1821-22. The church was rebuilt a few years later, probably with the contribution of the guild of furriers, who had custody of the monastery during the second half of the 19th century. The new building incorporated the remains of the older church, as is evident in the lower part of the wall of the south side, where blocks are inserted in the horizontal and vertical joints.

Today the church is a single-aisle wooden roofed church with a semi-circular apse to theeast. To the west there is a narthex, through which communication is possible with the small chapel in the north of the temple. In the south of the narthex there is a small cell.

Internally, the church has wall paintings of various phases. Those in the east were made in 1883 by Ioannina painters Theodosius and his son Constantine, today partially painted over. The frescoes of the church were made in 1918 and are attributed to the painter Polycarpos Anastasiou from Chionades Konitsa.


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