Machalas Luxury Mountain Hotel ****

Having as a background the area of ​​Kipi in Zagori and the great natural beauty that it has to show, we created a luxurious accommodating place that combines traditional with modern elements. Fully respecting the mountainous architecture of the area, we made sure that the stone and wood are applied as main architectural characteristics to all facilities, using the technique of dry stone.

Machalas hotel is an unbreakable element of the landscape and integrates in its activities all modern luxurious comforts you wish for your holiday. As guardians of tradition, we couldn’t stop ourselves from following only the special Ioannina way concerning hospitality, by facing our visitors as members of our family.

This philosophy underlies all the activities of our Hotel from the first year of operation, expressed even in the smallest details. The hotel Machalas is by itself a small village, inside Kipi. Kipoi village is one of the 46 villages in Zagori and in modern times it was the commercial & cultural center of Zagori. 

It consists of  independent houses, with a distinctive decoration. Handcrafted lighting, colorful Zagorian ceilings, heavy Persian rugs, traditional wooden and iron furniture hand-worked, antiques, are just some of the small features that are tied all carefully, giving in the space its own identity, harmonizing the old and new which is expressed through modern comforts.


  1. Kipoi

Zagori – Ioannina

Epirus – Greece

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