Calm or wild?

Ioannina is the ideal destination for absolute relax moments and intense fun times

Calm & Wild Ioannina, its kale castle

If you love tranquility in your vacations, Ioannina is your place. Is there anything more idyllic and quiet than a sunset in front of Ioannina Lake? The paces calm down, man and nature become one like the colors in the horizon line. The blue of the sky slowly becomes one with the blue of the lake, while the sun disappears behind the eternal mountains. Nature looks like it calms with us too. You’ll wish you could stop the time.

As the night falls, the scene is changing, as the night in Ioannina has all the features of the famous Greek night: fun and promising.

In Ioannina there is a (non so secret) bonus. The city hosts one of the largest university communities in the country. We are talking for about 20,000 people. That makes Ioannina a town that never sleeps. There are countless options for entertainment. Have a drink in a bar near the lake or in an old building in the market’s small cobblestone roads. Enjoy a signature cocktail or a glass of wine at popular clubs dancing until dawn. Let’s have one more!

See you in the Wild!

A few kilometers away, up in the great mountains, you are in the wild, but in a different way than town’s wild nightlife. Roaring rivers with white foaming water rushing down edgy slopes, drifting huge rocks. You stand on a small trail, somewhere between Zagorohoria Villages, a vast playground for extreme sports no matter the season. Canoe kayak in Voidomatis, climbing in Papigo, swimming in alpine Drakolimni. There is everything you’ll ever imagine doing in the wild. You are in a geopark with dozens of protected species of animals and plants and breathtaking views. Look at the opposite cliff! You see the bear climbing? It can’t be wilder than that!

But you can see the calm atmosphere of Zagorohoria too. Same place, completely different experience. Havea trip to the stone villages, enjoy a handmade pie and a glass of wine in a small, picturesque cafe, talk with the few but incredibly hospitable village residents and, maybe, stay in the night at their house enjoying the famous Greek hospitality.

Calm or wild? We could ask ourselves this a million times in every place of Ioannina; in the city, near the lake, on the mountains, during our stay at the beaches. It’s up to you. Choose a swim in an isolated beach in Ionian Pelago or sit in front of a fireplace in a refuge covered by fresh snow somewhere in Zagorochoria. Is this calm or is this wild? You’ll find the answer in Ioannina.

Let’s go!

Best student life in Greece

Ioannina University is one of the most attractive univercities in Greece, because studying in Ioannina is a lot of fun.

Located in a beautiful, modern European town, the university is simply perfect for students, as everyone who studies there thinks so! The town is large enough to offer a variety of activities, but small enough to feel like home. The distances are short, so everything is less complicated than in a big city. That's why it's also an ideal place to live.

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A gorgeous gorge

Welcome to a canyon that holds a World Guinness Record! The 24km length Vikos Gorge is one of the largest, deepest and most spectacular gorges in the world. You will be astonished of the great variety and alternation of different ecosystems, a feast of flora and fauna. The Gorge is one of the few remaining wildlife refuges in Europe in almost pristine condition, hosting 133 species of birds and 24 mammals. Yes, you may see a baby bear climbing the rocks next to you!

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A holy adventure

Kipinas Monastery is one of the most impressive monasteries in Greece. For sure the small church made of wood and stone, built inside a rock will leave you speechless.

The monastery was built about 1212 AD. The road reaches the base of the cliff and then, if you want to go to the monastery, you must follow a path carved into the rock and a wooden bridge.

During Ottoman Empire, the monks raised the wooden bridge to be protected from the raids.

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Cycling Tour #4: The flood plain of Kalamas River

Delvinaki, Zitsa and the Ionian Sea.

The tour takes you through a slight mountain area in the North-West of Greece. On the fourth day you go by transfer to the highest point of the tour in an attitude of 1.060 m. The tour encounters mostly slight and only a few short and strong ascents and descents on quite side roads. The finishing circle at the coast of the Ioanina Sea is very easy cycling in the salt-breeze combined with beach fun and relaxing.

Some Highlights of the tour:

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Ioannina Walks: Epirus Highlands

There are not a few options you have to escape from Ioannina. One of the most popular destinations is Zagori. Dozens of traditional, stone villages that maintain their cultural identity. They are divided by rivers, stone bridges, geological shapes, the Vikos Gorge. Hiking in the innumerable paths of Zagoria, climbing on Smolikas and Drakolimni but also activities such as parapente, and excursions for wild mushrooms. Of course rafting on rivers not only in Zagoria but also north of Konitsa and Tzoumerka.

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Ioannina Walks: The Lake Pamvotis

Almost a breath from the historic center, there is the lakeside. From the square Mavili until "12", the "Skala" the Katsari Park, the multi old municipal slaughterhouses, Akti Miaouli and lakeside bicycle - pedestrian. In some places along this route many restaurants and cafes are developed.

Near the Coast Miaoulis there is the Ioannina Centre of Traditional Crafts (KEPAVI) where you can find jewelry and any other creation of silverwork. A lakeside stroll or by bicycle, ii a must. Those of you who are fans of fishing or bird watching, do not forget your equipment.

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Made of stone

In Zagorohoria you’ll find more than 60 traditional, picturesque bridges made of stone. More than anywhere else in Greece. Imagine than in the 19th century they were 150-200!

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